Throughout these years, when Scott had questions about religion, he turned to his brother Jay for answers.  
Through these conversations, Jay was able to share about the Messiah.  
Jay Sekulow is currently Chief
Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.Scott met his wife, Judy, while both were attending
Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Scott graduated from Mercer in 1988 with a BA in
Judy graduated from Mercer in 1987 with a BA in Marketing.  In July 1989, they were married.  They are the
proud parents of a daughter, Natalie, born in 2001.

In 1992, they started attending a Messianic Jewish Synagogue.  During the ensuing months, the Lord drew
Scott into an understanding of the Messiah.  Despite the intellectual knowledge, Scott wanted a visible sign.  
In I Corinthians 1:22, it says that the Jewish people will require a sign.  Scott received his sign from the Lord
and on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, Scott made a public profession of faith.   

Judy was raised with a Southern Baptist background and was drawn to learning more about the Jewish roots
of her faith after they married.  Judy has what many call a "Heart of Ruth" and her love for God and his
people are  

Feeling the call of ministry on his life, in 1993, Scott went back to school.  Overcoming a learning disability,
dyslexia, Scott graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Biblical Education in 1994 at which time he started
full-time ministry.  

He has ministered in the USA, Israel, The Former Soviet Union (Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa,
Kharkov and Berdansk), Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, and most recently, Cuba and Panama.  In the Former
Soviet Union, the Festivals reached hundreds of thousands of unsaved Jews and Gentiles, a modern-day
“Book of Acts” as 5,000 Jewish people accepted their Messiah Yeshua.

In 1998, Rabbi Scott spearheaded a Messianic Jewish Festival in Rosario, Argentina.  Ministering through
music, dance, and a salvation message, over 1,000 people accepted Yeshua as their personal Messiah.  The
revival among the Jewish people and the Jewish Roots of our Faith is a message shared at hundreds of
churches during the past 11 years.   

In 2001, he founded Israel's Harvest Ministries (IHM) to reach out to the unsaved Jews and Gentiles all over
the world.  This mission is accomplished through evangelistic outreaches to the nations, as well as, helping the
Church to fulfill Romans 11 by teaching them about their Jewish roots and heritage.  In October 2001, he
traveled to New York to minister to the people of the city.  During this time of crisis, many accepted Yeshua
as their Messiah.  

IHM sponsors mission trips in which volunteers participate in hands-on evangelism.  Many times, these trips
also provide humanitarian / medical aid. IHM has distributed over 2 million dollars worth of medical aid.

In October 2001, Rabbi Scott founded Congregation Beth Yeshua, which was the first Messianic
Congregation in Macon Georgia.  In August 2002, he founded and is the Rabbi of Congregation Beth Adonai
in Atlanta, Georgia.
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The Messianic Hour is a weekly radio talk show hosted by Rabbi Scott and
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Scott and Judy examine current events both in Israel and the U.S. from a
Biblical and prophetic standpoint.  You'll learn as they unravel the mysteries of
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Rabbi Scott Sekulow                           
Rabbi Scott was raised in a typical Reform Jewish home.  During his teens and
early 20’s, he was involved at his Synagogue as a Sunday School Teacher
and at the Atlanta Jewish Community Center Summer Camp as a Counselor.  
Through his ministry work, Rabbi Scott has been featured on the Praise
the Lord Show, Charisma Magazine, Salem Radio News (SRN), Decision
Today with Billy Graham, Messianic Times, USA Radio, The 700 Club,
Promise Keepers and  

In April 2002, World Magazine chose Scott as the notable Jewish believer
in 2001 for his work in Israel.  His brother Jay was chosen in 1993 for his
work on the Lamb’s Chapel Case.