When did the early Messianic Jews disappear and why?


Surprisingly, Messianic Judaism continued to flourish well into the seventh century A.D., in spite of the
many pressures on the Jews to give up their Messianic faith.   

First of all, the Rabbis pressured Messianic Jews to relinquish their faith in Yeshua as the Messiah.  In
addition, Gentile Christianity wanted Messianic Jews to abandon their Jewishness.  Finally, in the seventh
century A.D. the rise of Islam caused great pressures for the Messianic Jews as well.  

Despite all this, the real reason for the disappearance of early Messianic Judaism was simply that
Messianic Jews lost their “vision.”  They no longer saw that it was important to remain Jewish after
accepting Yeshua.  This was because the majority of believers in Yeshua were now members of Gentile
Christianity.  Consequently, Messianic Jews assimilated completely into the Gentile Christian Church.