Are Messianic Jews Zionist?


Most Messianic Jews support Israel unequivocally and unconditionally. We support Israel not only because
we believe our Jewish people need a national homeland, but also because we believe that the re-
establishment of the State of Israel is a direct fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. We believe that God has
done this supernaturally as predicted from Scriptures centuries ago (Ezek.36:24, 37:1-14).

We know that Israel is not a perfect nation, but believe that God’s hand is behind Israel, and that our
people will never be driven out of their land again (Amos 9:1)! While God loves the Arab nations, eretz
Israel (land of Israel), is the land that God gave to His Jewish people. We also believe that all believers
should support Israel as should the United States because God promised to Abraham: “I will bless them
that bless you, and curse them that curse you.”(Gen. 12:3).