Do Messianic Jews celebrate Christmas and Easter?


Generally speaking, Messianic Jews do not celebrate Christmas and Easter. There is no place in the
Scriptures that commands us to celebrate the Birth or the Resurrection of the Messiah. Apparently, none
of the early believers, Jewish or Gentile, celebrated these two days, as there is no mention of it in the Brit
Hadasha (New Covenant).

That does not mean that Messianic Jews are against Christmas or Easter (Rom. 14). During the Christmas
season we do not have Christmas trees, give gifts or have Christmas parties. At the same time, we do
recognize the importance of the Birth of the Messiah and rejoice with believers who are celebrating this
day throughout the world. .  Many Synagogues celebrate the Resurrection of Yeshua on on the fest of
First Fruits, but not on Easter since that was added in 325 AD by Constantine. (John12:1,20 and 1Cor