Has Science proven the Bible Wrong?
Answering the claims that the bones of Yeshua have been found.


This is what The Discovery Channel (TDC) would want you to think.

In the new documentary film “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”, TDC claims they found the burial tomb for Yeshua
(Jesus) and his “family”. This documentary has stirred controversy worldwide, but you can use it as a tool
to reach the lost.  As we look at the Jewish customs of that time, you will understand how to defend your
faith and lead others to Messiah.  

Before we look at the facts to determine if these are the bones of Yeshua. Let’s first examine the history
behind the tomb.  The burial tomb was unearthed in Jerusalem in 1980 and while the majority of
archaeologists support the fact that these are the bones of a man named Yeshua, they do not think these
are the bones of Yeshua of Nazareth and his family.  To better unfold the mystery, we must look at the
facts through Jewish eyes.

What’s in a name? During the time of Yeshua a name was more than just what your Mother called you.   
Your name reflected your lineage and where you were from. Since last names were not used, a person
was either identified by their father or where they were from. That is why Yeshua is referred to in the
scriptures as Yeshua of Nazareth or Yeshua son of Joseph.  

When trying to determine if this could be Yeshua’s tomb, you must realize how popular the name was.  
Furthermore, does it match with the information you have on the family. During the first century,  the most
popular names were (You guessed it) Yeshua, Miryam and Judah.  It should not surprise you that the
names found in the tomb were Yeshua, Miriam, Judah, Matya (Matthew) all of which were common names.

These names would be like John, Sue and Bill today.  The TDC also claims that Matya was a brother of
Yeshua. Yet in Mathew (Matya) 13:56 we read “Isn't he the carpenter's son? Isn't his mother called
Miryam? and his brothers Ya`akov, Yosef, Shim`on and Y'hudah?” (Complete Jewish Bible).  If this is
Yeshua’s family, then who is Matya? This is another fact to dispute these claims.

Additionally, the New Testament makes no references to Messiah having a family.  If so, then this would
have been recorded at some part by either the Disciples or Jewish Scholars.

Who gets buried in a tomb? It was the custom of the day for people of wealth to be buried in a family
tomb. The less wealthy would be wrapped in a cloth and buried in the ground.   Was Yeshua wealthy?  Not
according to any documents we know of.  The Scriptures do state that Yeshua wound be buried with the
rich but He rose from the dead and left the tomb.

Another custom was when a person was buried outside of their home town, a carving would be placed on
the wall stating the name of the person and where they were from.  Yet this tomb did not say Yeshua of
Nazareth. Furthermore, if these are the bones of Yeshua, why were they not buried in Bethlehem only five
miles away?  

How did Yeshua ascend to Heaven?  If the film is correct and these are the bones of Yeshua, then how
did He ascended to Heaven? The Gospels tell us that Yeshua did, not only His Spirit but His whole body.  
This is the second time the Bible mentions a person in bodily form ascending to Heaven alive.  Elijah the
Prophet was also taken up to Heaven in this manner.  Therefore the bones in Jerusalem cannot be
Yeshua the Messiah’s because He is not dead He has risen.

So who’s tomb is it?  A rich Jewish family whose father was Yeshua of Jerusalem who was married to
woman names Miryam and their sons Matya and Judah. As you dispel this false report, remember Yeshua
was/is/and will always be Messiah, He was raised from the dead and is presently sitting at the right hand of
the father.

Has Science Proven the Bible wrong? No! Once again science and Hollywood has tried to pervert the
message of the Bible and once again it has failed.