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The Messianic Minutes- will be featured on Facebook and YouTube.  This will be a short ten minute teaching
which will cover a large variety of topics.  This will also provide us the opportunity to answer your questions
more in depth than time allows on the radio show.   When you email us at with your
questions, you will receive a video answer from Rabbi Scott or Judy and we will also post them on sites like
Youtube.  This way we will be able to answer more questions and you will not have to wait for the show.  Rabbi
Scott will also provide specialized teachings on the Jewish roots, Feasts and Festivals, and more.

Become A Virtual Member -   With the show being heard around the World, many have asked  about how
they can be a part of a Messianic Congregation. If you do not have a local congregation, we have developed a
way for our listeners to get involved  with
Congregation Beth Adonai.  Through the Internet, we Live-Stream
and archive all of our services.  We are upgrading the system to make the experience even better and more
interactive.  We are adding on-line classes so you can learn, talk and share with Rabbi Scott and other virtual
members as well.  The first class will be starting in January so get ready to join us as part of our family.  We are
looking at several ways to make you a part of the Beth Adonai family.

Increase the Messianic Hour's presence on additional Radio and Internet Stations
- Our goal is to expand the number of stations by getting on more networks and Internet stations.

Share the Love of Yeshua to Jew and Gentile -  With your prayers and financial support, we can achieve
all these things and more.  Your support today with a special end of the year donation will help us jump start
these works.

Make a Donation - and with your monthly donations we will be able to continue to "Reaching the Lost
and Education the Found" in 2010.
Our Goals for 2010:
"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are
Luke 10:2