The Messianic Hour  provides our members an abundance of opportunities to communicate your support
of Israel to your elected officials. We, as the Body of Messiah, must stand up for Israel.  Adonai (God) tells
us not only to bless Israel (Gen. 12:3) but also to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).  
To enable you to effectively communicate with your elected officials ,Rabbi Scott Sekulow invites you to
utilize the “Contact Your Elected Officials” links below.  These links will provide you with a personalized
listing of all elected officials.  By typing in your zip code, you will receive phone and fax numbers, e-mail,
and the mailing address for the President, both of your Senators, and your Representatives.  

Stand in support of Israel

Radical Islamic terrorist threats from Hamas and Hezbollah continue to escalate.  Any threat against Israel
is a threat to freedom — and freedom attacked anywhere is freedom attacked everywhere.  Israel is our
friend and ally.  We must form a united front and stand in support of Israel and their fight for freedom ...
NOW.  Please read the form carefully and declare your membership with the Messianic Hour by signing the
Proclamation for Solidarity below.

Proclamation for Solidarity with Israel

The Israeli Consulate
Israeli Citizens

We proclaim our unwavering support to defend Israel's FREEDOM AT ALL COSTS!  If freedom is attacked
in any country or nation ... it is attacked in every country and nation.  That is particularly true in Israel —
we will not sit idly by while terror reigns in the Middle East and the persecution of Christians continues in
Gaza and the West Bank.  We fully believe that true freedom and peace can only arise after the terrorist
infrastructure has been eliminated.

We, the undersigned, in solidarity with the State of Israel, pledge our support in the fight against terrorism.  
Moreover, as friends and allies, we will not settle for anything less than preserving freedom.  We stand with
you, Nation of Israel!
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